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Boiler Installation Leicester

The only thing that matters during the cold and chilly days is a good boiler. The right heating system is a saviour and as the winter months start approaching us, it is necessary to see whether yours is functioning fine or not. It is crucial to invest in a competent and efficient boiler system that promises durability and a good guarantee time span too. If you are looking for good, good and professional Boiler Installation Leicester then our team at Gas Boiler is here to help you. We have some of the most advanced and high-tech boilers available for everyone. But at the same time, we believe in educating our clients so that they are capable of making the right decision for themselves too.

Before you look out for boiler installation in Leicester, it is crucial for you to understand the components of a good boiler. How will you differentiate between an efficient boiler and one that might not run for too long? How will you make a good investment decision? Well, that is for us to show you and for you to find out. Thus, keep scrolling as we unveil some of the most important things to consider before getting a boiler for your home.

Boiler Installation Leicester
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Boiler Installation Leicester

We, at Gas Boiler, want you to make the best pick and thus, we are here to help you in this context.

Top 5 things to consider before buying a boiler:

There are endless options when it comes to investing in an efficient boiler. You will see that the markets are flooded with new options and they are all worth the investment. However, before you make a pick, there are some crucial factors that are a must to consider and we will be discussing those below.

Understand the types of boilers available:

There are various “types” of boilers available and it is important to know about them, before you choose one. There are 3 main types, i.e. conventional boilers, combi boilers and system boilers.

Combination boilers are basically combi boilers and it comes without the requirement of a storage tank. The heating system is also quite flexible. Secondly, the conventional boilers have both the cold and the hot storage tanks as it stores hot water that can be used later on. Conventional boilers are also famous as “heat only boilers.'' Lastly, system boilers are helpful for people who have more than one bathroom to manage. It is preferred more than a conventional boiler as it doesn't have storage tank requirements and carters a larger need.

Choose the right brand:

Boilers are not going to come cheap. They are a significant investment and thus, you need to pour in your money thoughtfully. When you think of the process of Boiler Installation Leicester, you will see that there are a handful of options available to you. However, there are both good and bad ones and you need to make a wise decision. Do your research and take your time to go through various brands and their reviews. Make a list of the best-rated brands and the boilers that have been reviewed positively. It will help you shortlist the best ones and then make a decision based on your needs, requirements and budget.


Every boiler is different from the other. You will find boilers varying in functions, sizes and even the slightest bit of dimensions too. Thus, this is a very important factor to consider. Why? Because if you live in a smaller house and are catering the needs of say, you and your wife only, then you don't want to invest in a larger boiler. It will be a waste of money. Therefore, choosing the right boiler size and dimension is very important. You need to decide based on the people in your house, bathrooms and the frequency usage too.


Just like each boiler varies in functions, sizes and almost everything; each brand will tag a different price and they all will vary accordingly too. It is important to know and understand that a cheaper boiler might look attractive at the given moment but is not a good pick to make in the long run. If a brand is offering you a discount; that is great but if any other company, that you don't know about, is offering you unusually cheap prices for a boiler; then you need to steer clear. Only research can help you in this context; thus make sure you spend time on it.

We are here to help and guide you through your Boiler Installation Leicester process. From helping you make the right buying decision to installing the boiler system impeccably well; Gas Boiler team is at your service 24/7.

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