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Boiler Repair Services

A warm shower is all you need, at the end of a tiresome day. Even if it is not winter, a slightly warm shower at night is the key to a peaceful sleep. It takes away all the tiredness of the hectic day and lightens your body up, preparing it to dive into the world of dreams. And this is why a properly functioning boiler system is extremely crucial, at all times, especially during winters.

If you only love warm showers during the winter season, then gearing up before those chilly evenings make their way back in our lives, is important. You need to make sure that your boiler is running fine and that it isn’t in need of repair. But how do you really know whether you need boiler repair services or not? Well, there are some signs that indicate the need of repair services. If your boiler is showing any of them, you can get in contact with our team at Gas Boiler and they will be at your service, right away.


We all rely on boilers throughout autumn to winter and some of us need a little bit of it during the spring time too. Thus, it is important to understand when your boiler might be in need of boiler repair services. And here is how you can pay attention to the signs closely and get your boiler repaired on time, before its dilemmas grow and then you are left with no other option but to get it replaced. And boy, isn't that a huge investment?

Boiler Repair Services
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Boiler Repair Services

It smells Weird

Is it getting weirdly unbearable to walk past your boiler these days? Is it giving off a weird smell that is hard to stand? Well, it might be due to carbon monoxide leakage. Many people do not pay attention to it and that is where the problem keeps on lingering. It can also cause larger health dilemmas for people who are around the boiler all the time.

The smell is not carbon monoxide itself. The smell arises as the boiler is unable to function properly. Secondly, if your boiler is showing a yellow flame, it also indicates that the boiler isn’t working properly.

Thus, if your boiler is emitting a foul smell and the flame is also yellow, you need to call boiler and repair services right away. If your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide then it can cause health issues in children or your employees, if the boiler is in your workplace. It causes headaches, breathing issues and nausea too.

Unusual Sounds

The second biggest sign that you need to call in boiler repair services is if your boiler is making weird sounds. Boilers aren’t noisy. They function quietly. Thus, if your boiler is making strange noises, then it is definitely up with it and it requires attention. Sounds like whirring or clunking are obvious signs of fan or pump dilemmas.

On the contrary, if the boiler makes gurgling or whistling sounds then it means that the water pressure isn’t running properly in the boiler. In both scenarios, a professional is needed to look into the matter. You can call in our team at Gas Boiler as they inspect your boiler right away and detect the issue, repairing it as soon as possible.

Heating Bills get Higher

If your boiler usage frequency is the same, but the bill starts to get higher, then you need to get your boiler checked as soon as possible. It can happen due to boiler leakage or any other technical issue. Also, we highly recommend you to replace your boiler, if it has been in use for more than 15 years. There are energy efficient boilers in the market now, which save more and are better picks to make as they save you a lot of bucks on the bill.

The Boiler isn’t generating Hot Water

If your boiler isn't producing hot water or the water is unable to stay hot for a good amount of time, tuna the issue is definitely in your boiler. The possible issues might be with its valve, thermostat or airlock. It is crucial to call in boiler repair services so that the technicians can check in with the issue and determine the dilemmas.

Paying attention to your boiler is very important. If it isn’t working fine, it is best to get it repaired on time, before it demands for a direct replacement.

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